SRAM 11 Speed and Tiso 12 speed

My day to day commuter is 1x7 with a 40 tooth front. It is all I need for commuting in halifax, which includes some long climbs (Bay Rd). My racing road bike is 2x10 compact and an absolute dream to ride. I can take it up Smokey without a second thought and no grinding.

Persnally I wish they made quality 7-8 speed stuff for daily commuting bikes and 10 speed plus stuff for racing and/or fast paced rides.

Electronic is again, a great idea but in certain circumstances. To be able to shift from numerous postions on a road bike’s handle bars or to be able to shift from the brakes ona TT bike just makes so much sense when seconds count.

In the end, as long as I am dong the pedalling though, I don’t care too much how the chain gets to the right spot.

The number of gears on bikes have been increasing yearly the last couple of years. Electronic shifting is standard on the pro road tour and even rumblings of offroad use.

My 8 and 9 speed bikes work great, as does my 10 speed. I still am able to climb, descend and ride most terrain around. The deciding factor is still my fitness as opposed to the number of gears. It is already getting tougher to buy quality shifters for 8 speed drivetrains, in a few years it will be as hard as getting quality 7 speed parts.

What do you think? Are you lining up for one of the new drivetrains?

My main bike is 2x8, it’s got all the range I could ever want. The only way I’d ever go to more is if I couldn’t get parts. I was pretty happy with 7 speeds and still ride one bike with 3x7. I only went to 8 because the parts were higher quality and lighter. Nowadays I don’t care about weight so much, it’s all about durability.

I feel the quest for more cogs is mostly about marketing something new and fancy to buy, not increasing the experince for cyclists. Fitness it going to do more than an extra cog or 2 could ever do.

I ran my Trance with a modified 2x7 setup for a couple of years and it was great. I was mostly riding Fight Trail and Wrandees and Whopper. This year my new Reign came with a 3x10 that I now run as a 2x10 with a bash ring. When I cut too close to a rock and destroyed my derailleur I went with Shimano’s new Shadow Plus technology. A simple metal band creating friction at the derailleur hinge makes for an almost silent ride. And it practically elinimates chain slap and dropped chains. I will never go back. In fact I bought an Anthem a couple of weeks ago with 2x10 gearing and yesterday I put on a new Sram Type 2 rear derailleur. We’ll see how Stram’s clutch set up works tomorrow. Both only available in 10 speed.

I just went from 3x7 to 3x10. It’s not so much the number of gears, but it is nicer to have the closer steps. I’m liking the huge range in the cassette. Less need for the granny. I think I’ve dropped into the granny about 8 times since I switched over in the summer. Running SLX. Some things do get better in time. I was fine with 7 spd, but dang! Ain’t nobody getting my 10 spd kit! Can’t wait to race it next year.