Sram GX shifter question

I have a quick question about a sram shifter, and a quick google didn’t help. This is the first Sram drivetrain I’ve ever used, so I’m less familiar with it.

I have an NX shifter, and I when I replaced the cable I found you needed to disassemble the whole shifter to do so. It was a pain in the ass. Someone has a GX shifter for sale, and I think that isn’t the case for this one. Can anyone confirm this? Approximately 2.5 years old if that helps.

Alternatively, are there any other reasons to ugrade from NX to GX shifter? Thanks all

GX shifters are pretty solid, I ran the same one foe several years. Everything else GX is another story.

With respect to the NX, pretty sure all you need to do is remove a cap to remove or install the cable.


I believe you do have to take off a cap to load a cable on a GX shifter also.

It’s possible I did more than just remove the cap… as I recall there wasn’t anything but that holding it all together. So once the cap came off, it all fell apart.

So I thought mine was a GX but it’s an X1, and this is what it looks like inside.
I used to remove it from the bars and take this cap off. It had to be in the high gear position so I could feed the cable straight through. I’m using Shimano because affordable Sram components were scarce during Covid.

Mine did not have the little bracket that holds everything in place. So when I popped the cover off, everything went… everywhere.

I ended up getting the new shifter, and in the process of uninstalling the old one I found the mistake was entirely mine. There’s a little rubber flap that opens to allow you to put in a new cable without messing with anything. It was just so stealthy that I didn’t even see it before. Lesson learned, but now I have an extra shifter in the parts bin.

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