St. Margarets Bay Stewardship Association Annual General Meeting

Please join us for the SMBSA’s 2023 Annual General Meeting with our new chair, new treasurer and Executive Director Mike Lancaster. We will be discussing the projects and affairs of the SMBSA, both for the preceding year as well as what’s to come for 2023.

Guest speaker: Donna Crossland– ecologist leading the fight against Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA). Donna will discuss what HWA means for St. Margaret’s Bay and all things forest ecology.

The SMBSA has also formed an Active Transportation and Recreation committee to proactively advocate for active transportation and active recreation within the St. Margaret’s Bay watershed and it’s communities.

Our goals include:

  • advocating for active transportation within St. Margarets Bay communities
  • developing hiking and biking opportunities within the St. Margarets Bay watershed.
  • developing better access to the bay for non-motorized watercraft.
  • providing resources for people seeking active recreation opportunities within the St. Margarets Bay watershed.

If you are interested in seeing more hiking and mountain biking opportunities in the western end of HRM please consider attending the meeting (we are signing up members at the door) and voicing your interest.

We hope to see you there!