Starter MTB for a 7yr old

Hey all,

I’m looking to upgrade my nephewride this spring. He’s 7, but fearless. Wants a mountain bike like “Uncle Jeffy”, lol.

Any recommendations / ideas? He’s probably big enough for a 20" wheels. I might build him a second hand rig… who knows.

I did a lot of looking around last year and ended up with a bike from MEC for my son… seemed like the best bang for the buck at $270… looks like they are $290 now. Aluminum frame, 20" wheels, a 1 x 7 grip shift setup and a little 40mm travel Suntour fork that’s okay, not amazing but not horrible either. The frame and fork are disc brake compatible also. Bars are pretty wide stock and you may want to trim them a bit depending on your nephews size.

Hey Jeff, I would recommend a 20" wheeled bike (just guessing size off your nephew’s age) but most 7/8 year olds seem to be on that size. The lighter the bike there better, aluminum frame would be ideal. Lots of kids bikes have grip shift which I would recommend you trying out first. As someone who has run a lot of kids bike camps I can say that many kids bikes grip shifts are too difficult for the kid to turn so they struggle to change gears or end up leaving their bike in one gear and struggling with the hills.

There are lots of good kids bikes out there. The specialized hot rocks look sick and the MEC bikes look like great value!

Let me know what you find of interest! :slight_smile: