State of the Stoke - 2019

Wasn’t exaclty looking for a tour de wounds on this thread, lol.


Whats that old country song…
Ah yes the memories

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-Stoked to ride trail systems around the region I hadn’t ridden before.
-Stoked to see familiar trails get better and better thanks to the hard work of trail builders.
-Stoked to get out for a couple of trailbuild days (not enough).
-Stoked to watch my kids bike race, summit keppoch, trailbuild, practice and practice pedaless pumptracking, try to wheelie, descend whitetail at Fundy, try to teach their disinterested mother about the finer points of berms at the dinner table and generally develop their own bike stoke.
-Stoked to get a new bike with all the appropriate buzzwords and realize that everything still depends upon my own physical fitness, skills and confidence.
-Stoked to ride with my buddy who took up mountain biking initially to distract himself from a personal loss and who now schools me on the trails.
-Stoked to see the beginner mountain bike group rides on the trails.


Stoked ever since knowing the Best group of mountain biking people in the whole bike f* zen universe the #ECMTB_net :metal:t4:


Hmmmm . . . for me its been been mostly the bikepacking thing. I did three U24O (Under 24 Hour Overnight) trips this year and hoping to do at least one more before it gets to cold. Two of the trips were with a buddy . . . when I normally do them solo. And I have bettered my mtb skills to the point where I can do the “Double Drop” on Subnet without having to look at it first.

But my favorite riding season is coming up !!!



Introduced two new riders to the brotherhood. Both have invested in bikes and are progressing and loving it

Got to ride the Kentville Canada Cup course on Friday. Quite an experience and inspiration

Climbed Keppock 3 times one Saturday morning. Coulda did a 4th, probably a 5th and a 6th if I had something to prove. Rode the black diamonds down and even this old chubby guy got little air

Rode Bonshaw and Brookvale :heart_eyes:
Berm after berm after tabletop after kicker after berm after double after berm… Can’t wait to go back in a October

Got a new ride. LOVE IT!. Trek Fuel EX 29er, Carbon. Fast, responsive, climbs well, lands softly and sucks up all the terrain.

New bike came with a dropper post. RS Reverb. Never could understand the attraction to a dropper post. I have been riding for many years and just didn’t see the need. Then I got one…I completely understand what all the fuss is about. If you are on the fence, get one. I upgraded to a remote that is exactly like a shifter. Most importantly, it is under the bar and very easy to reach and shift. It was worth the $130 cost

Incredibly excited that MRWA is getting near completion of the new trail connecting to NoraWarren. By the end of October it looks like it will be complete. At least this is what the bridge builders told me today. We are soooooooo lucky to have such a fantastic set of trails being built by Lawrence, Kaarin and the many volunteers who have contributed greatly to the biking community. Thank you hardly seems like enough

Looking forward to hero dirt and some snow. SNOW but NO RAIN. Promising myself to take the fattie on the road this year. Heads, Truro. Tails, Valley. Can’t go wrong

and without sounding too sappy, I am stoked for such a great community both online and in person. I’ve never really met an asshole mountain biker so thanks for that everyone and lets keep it that way


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