*Stolen* 4 high end bikes

Guys I think the giant anthem sx was on kijij the other day when I was looking…

Doesn’t seem like the post is there anymore though.

ÉDIT…definitely was on kijiji, I remember those cranks. I sent the kijiji link to my bro who’s in the market for a bike and though the anthem was an unusually good deal.

Here is the kijiji link, without the www.kijiji…you can see the add was posted in Dartmouth, and maybe the ad number…


2nd EDIT…I just read @Tjmsmith122 post above. This grey Chevy van was on my street about 2hrs ago, asked me for bottles, I said no. Must have been 3 kids running back and forth to homes on the street, and really sketchy looking character hanging back by the van.


@adventurer, you may want to pass this on to the police.

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yes that’s the same folks… 3 kids, lady driving a and sketchy dude strutting around staying close to the van… I call the police when they come around.

I’m told that Russ had may have had one on kijiji before it was stolen. So ad might have been his.

The ad certainly doesn’t read like it was a stolen bike. I wouldn’t expect someone selling a stolen bike to include an extra chain or take off the pedals.

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Thanks for keeping an eye out everyone but this was my add, now deleted. Was selling this one but, well you know what happened to it.


Living in Edmonton these days but log in here every now and then when feeling homesick :).
Sorry Russ to hear about your bikes. Been there, really sucks.

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A gofundme to help Russ get back on the trails: