STOLEN BIKE ALERT - 2011 Norco Faze 2

If anyone happens to come across this bike out on the trails, please let me know. I have had it since '13, and have never seen another on all my travels around the trails.

It was taken from my front steps last night around 8pm, while the family and I were inside the house, so it was quite brazen.

Whatever the case, it is stock except for Titec cockpit components and seatpost, and on the top tube where the seatpost comes down there are stickers on either side with a Canadian flag and my last name, PELHAM.

Not really expecting to get it back, but you never know…

Will spread the word.

Is this what it looks like?

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That’s the one!

More pictures here;

Might want to post it here too:
HRM Lost & Found Bicycles

Arrrgh! That sucks…