Hey guys
So my Thule T2 Pro XT has been stolen.

Had it on the car in Bowater and it would have been removed between 16:00-18:00 when I arrived at home.

Drove and checked to ensure it somehow didnt fall off the car which I am pretty confident I would have noticed.

If it was stolen, I can imagine the locking mechanism would be damaged unless there is some universal Thule Key out there.

Please keep an eye out for any shady deals on marketplaces and dm me if you can.




That sucks man! I’ll keep an eye on Kijiji

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Likely smashed the lock, those Thule locks require a special tool to pick and even then, someone would have to expressly know what they’re doing.

Have you called your insurance company to see if you may have coverage? Not sure about your deductible but this may be something you can claim through insurance.

My understanding was if u smashed the lock it would make it impossible to actually remove the rack due to the expanding flanges.

Theres zero damage to the hitch.

Weird situation, if indeed it was stolen whoever did it was a crafty human being.

It isn’t, as a lock picker by hobby, most “fail safes” are marketing, or gimmicks. They sound more secure, but honestly doesn’t slow people like me down very much once you know what you’re doing. Most people are absolutely dumb founded when their expensive locks are opened in seconds.

Aw man, that’s brutal!

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Yikes. I guess I’m going back to a tailgate pad for awhile.

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If anyone knows someone with a newer, white VW golf with 4 rally syle lights on the roof.
Middle aged, white male, dark hair. Who isnt afraid to take his car into back roads please dm me.


Shouldn’t be too hard to spot… I’ll keep my eyes open.

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Couldn’t hurt to check some of the local VW enthusiast FB groups to see if anybody has posted pics of a car that matches.


I don’t recall ever seeing pictures of a car posted matching that description but I’ll certainly be keeping on eye out as I’m on all the local VW groups.


Imagine a VW owner😜 just surprised he wasn’t in a Jaguar

For clarity, the VW owner is a possible witness, and would be able to verify a key piece of info. I dont think the person described above stole it.

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Did you contact Dept of Lands and Forests? They have cameras posted up there to monitor illegal dumping.


I did not.
Solid Tip. Thanks.

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