Stolen thule 4 hanging bike hitch rack

Hey everybody
Keep your eyes out for anyone selling a thule 4 hanging hitch rack at a good price.
Had my lock cut and rack stolen off my truck lastnight in coleharbour.

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Dirty bastards. Lets hope they get caught and you get it back.

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Shitty news, can you post an image of the style. Will keep an eye out as well.

For some reason ive always had problems uploading pics on here. Ive tried before and always just end up posting a link that doesnt work. Ill show ya

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Nevermind thats the first time i got it to work lol


Keep an eye on Kijiji?

Yeh im keeping an eye on all buy and sell sites.

Also if anybody knows one selling the same rack let me know.
It was actually my buddies rack and im trying to replace but dont really have the $400 to replace brand new

There are 2 listed on Marketplace. Probably not the one that was stollen, but if you had to replace they are $225 (Shelburne) and $200 (Bridgewater).


Thanks. Yeh i saw those. Already msgd them. Not sure when ill get a chance to get out that way

This sucks. A similar thing was tried to our rack & hitch. They actually tried to remove the hitch all together. Something must have interrupted or it was harder than they expected because in the end “all” they did was some damage. It’s fine for bikes, but the damage is enough that the hitch isn’t solid enough for anything heavier than that.

Shout out to Rackology who fixed it up on the spot and charged us nothing!