Stop Bicycle Licencing

Here we go again…old, boring and conservative agendas…
write an email, stop the insanity!

"Councillor McCluskey will be requesting an unneccesary staff report about bicycle licensing at the December 2nd council meeting. Bicycle licensing is a costly and ineffective tool to improve cycling in Halifax. Councillor McCluskey was on council in 2009 when the last staff report for bicycle licensing was written. The report could not have been more clear: “Costs associated with fees, plates, education and logistics may discourage cycling, which is contrary to the Active Transportation Plan.” Halifax’s two Active Transportation staff are overwhelmed trying to implement the existing plan. Writing another report on bicycle licensing would be a waste of their time and prevent them from taking real actions that will help cyclists.

Please take five minutes to email Councillor McCluskey,, or call 902-490-7033 to tell her why instead of requesting this staff report she should concentrate on finding funding for the Active Transportation plan."

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Jeze. Just fucking let us ride our bikes.

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McCluskey should take a trip to Amsterdam to see how cycling is done right.

I’ve sent my email to Gloria McCluskey…anyone else?

I did, even though I don’t live there anymore.


Hell she even made it onto BikeSnobNYC! Now she’s even more than Hali-famous!

Word is McCluskey has has rescinded her motion to request a staff report on bicycling licensing.

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Heard or rather saw that. Good to hear.