STRAVA changes taking effect today

Due to high demand and in the interest of making improvements…

Hahaha good one :money_mouth_face:


It makes sense, data privacy laws would have devalued their main data asset and dried up a lot of their income stream.

I subscribed for a few years, but it was pointless once I stopped worrying about actual training and I got no value out of it. Now I only really record rides to keep a log so don’t really need it, it’s a novelty.

I can’t see this working out for them at $10 a month, I’m guessing they play around with plans and prices for a bit. I’ll wait and see, $10 is too steep for me till I’m working again!


There’s a free 60 day trial.


Wait… how much do you have to pay to be at the top of the leader board?


For that Jeff, blood and sweat. Lol


I’ll try the 60 day free trial, but I can’t see paying for Strava.


I pay for the Beacon feature so my wife can follow me on solo rides.


Its probably worth it just for that.

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Beacon is a great selling feature for solo rides. If you have any Garmin with gps there is a live track function that also includes your heart rate. Then she can see that you’re still alive when you’re not moving. :joy:


Yeah, I use it for Beacon. I liked the cheaper option to just buy that, as I do a lot of solo rides.

I enjoy the leaderboards, but it’s not the main reason I want Strava. I’ll probably upgrade anyway.


I like the training aspect of strava but I know other software and apps exsist that are considered better. We will see. I do like the leaderboards sometimes.

It’s a bit of a bummer, but I understand the need to make money and pay developers. For me it’s kind of like Zwift. I’ll pay when I’m using it a lot. I haven’t been paying for it but I’ll click the trial on and see what happens. As soon as I get back to work, I’ll probably stop paying for it. I’d love to check out the new route feature they say they are launching soon. The current one is only for roads. I hope it’s for mountain biking. We’ll see. I have tried the system where you load a GPX into the Garmin and have it guide me along, but it was full of problems, and I never use that feature. We’ll see if this is better when it comes out. I like the idea of following a route in a new MTB area so I can not look at the map every two minutes on my phone or on paper, but these features have been disappointing so far. Fingers crossed.


Is there an extra surcharge for stravassholes? You should get charged more for using cheater lines…


People were taking cheater lines waaaayyy before strava. Lolz.

If anything but to be controversial, I noticed an increase of them when “freeryde” bikes were being attempted to be ridden on trails designed with xc bikes in mind.

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Strava premium has a tonne of training tools and benefits most people wouldn’t care about.

The “Fitness and Freshness” tool is valuable.
Being able to build routes is a useful tool as well.

I also don’t mind paying a small fee for something I use 3-5 times a week.


I’m okay with leaderboards being a subscription feature and I thought I would have happened within the first year of introduction honestly.