Strava Club?

Anyone notice the strava have clubs now? It’s sweet that you can see group ride distance and such. Was just wonder what others thought about this. :smiley:

We got one :slight_smile:

Odd I didn’t see it when I looked before. Good to know :smiley:

Should offer a prize for top miles/distance per week or something. Maybe something to be awarded at the Cottage Party???

Where are we getting the prizes from?

It will be fun prizes…something custom that reflects the values of ECMTB

A custom built, carbon frame, FS, all mountain bike sounds like fun and reflects the values of ECMTB.

Great prize guys!! I’ll work my ass off to try and win one

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@Adam will win almost every week, he rode 1000km in one ride last week! Better limit it to non road riding kms


To be fair it was over 3 days :smile:

Yeah for sure the grand prize should be for MTB kms / time but for roadies maybe there will be a chocolate milk at the cottage party?

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I can do some chocolate milk for you no problem.

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If you look at the AVG speed it’s pretty easy to see who spends most of the time on road bikes vs mountain bikes.
Time for more people to put the road bikes away and try riding some singletrack.


try being the operative word.

I snagged a couple of KOMs from @bent6543 so I figured I achieved at least one MTB goal for the season!


Yeah I noticed that… but we all know what happens on Strava doesn’t always reflect reality on the trail!

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Lots of folks riding, nothing wrong with that. Distance stuff is kinda biased toward road riding though.

I like mtb riding but find I can’t do it for 8 to 12 hours. Road riding makes it possible.

8 to 12 hours at a time? There’s no way that is fun on any kind of bike, sounds like torture. Unless your dong that randonneur insanity which I imagine the funnest part is finally stopping, chugging a beer and instantly passing out.

I just like riding bikes. I’ve done 8 hours of gore a few times and that was cool. Not really into full on rando stuff, just like going and going and keeping it around 7 to 12 hours. I find it relaxing, and the beer and choco milk afterwards is always nice.


For me rando was a new challenge this year. I saw they have a 1000k and that seemed like a good challenge I didn’t know for sure I could complete.

I will never race MTB – maybe I would try MTB marathon like Elgin just for kicks if I think I can get the belt buckle but that seems unlikely – and I wasn’t really relishing road racing again.

I kind of need to set different goals for myself year by year to keep things interesting, others are different and that’s great. For instance, one year I ran a marathon and I set and met a reasonably aggressive time goal (3:30). Not planning on doing it again any time soon, but setting the goal was good for me. Events (races, randos, fondos, etc) are easy ways to set goals, so I like that.

Whatever inflates your tires, different pedal strokes for different folks!