Stripped threads for derailleur hanger

Hoping someone here has had a similar issue, or is mechanically inclined to help.

I have a Norco Faze 2, and I bent the derailleur hanger, so I went to replace it with an extra one, as I have broken it before. When I went to screw the new one in place, both screws would not hold, just turn and turn and turn. Upon inspection, the threads in the holes drilled on my frame are stripped, so there is nothing for the screws to grab on to.

Looking online, people talk about helicoils, and repairing the threads this way, but I don’t know where to get them, what size I need, etc.

Anyone with repair savvy who has some ideas, I would love to hear about it…

I seem to remember Sportwheels having some helicoils. Call and talk to Chris, he’ll know if there are any.

helicoils are pretty useless if you don’t have the installation tap and tool to set them in place. The hole that exists now will need to be drilled and tapped to accomidate the helicoil outer diameter and thread size. Then the helicoil set in place with the install tool.

Are the threads in the frame completely gone? Or just damaged?
My suggestion would be to get the correct size tap (10mm x 1mm thread pitch most likely) and try retapping the hole first. If you can get threads cut and cleaned out, try to reinstall the hanger. If the threads were just damaged a tap will clean out the debris, and hopefully allow for the bolt to tighten to spec.

You might be able to use slightly longer bolts and get nuts on the ends of them too. Probably no room for that though. Seems strange to have threaded holes in the frame as opposed to using a sleeve bolt like a crankset chainring uses. That’s how a lot of hangers are held on.

Helicoil probably your only option…

I think you are talking about the holes to mount the replaceable derailleur hanger not the derailleur itself right?
The faze 2 is an aluminum frame no?
First thing to check is that there wasn’t a couple small steel insert nuts in back that fell out when you removed the screws.

If there were no inserts and the frame is stripped, you may be able to drill/tap for the next larger thread size. If you are handy you may be able to do it yourself, if not you may want to find a machine shop to do the work.

Another option is to have someone plug weld the holes and re-drill and tap, there is some risk to this as the heat from welding may alter the strength of the dropout and cause it to crack.

Worst case scenario you are replacing the rear swingarm, if norco has any…

Another option could be to find the right sized “t nuts” for the hanger bolts and maybe you don’t have to tap threads just drill the holes large enough for the nuts.

Otherwise I’m with @slider, drill and tap to the next larger thread and get larger bolts, you’ll probably have to drill the hanger holes larger too.

^ ^ Just a guess, but I expect the T nuts would not give enough clearance and may rub on the cassette.

I had a simuler experience with a Norco a few years back. I picked up an 08 Shore and the threads to mount the hanger striped out right away. They had made a running change on that frame and switched to a nutted version as were kind enough to warranty my stays.

How old is the bike? It might be a warranty issue. If it’s similar to the design they used on my Shore I’m not surprised it stripped. They had tiny little steel screws with fine threads in to the soft alloy frame. Trouble waiting to happen if you ask me.