Stronglifts 5x5

So I joined a GYM (GASP!!) about 3 months ago with little or on direction. I just was hating the weather and needed some action. My first months goals were just to get in there 3 times a week and build a habit. It didn’t matter what I was up to. The habit has been formed.

I had one of the obligatory meetings with a trainer and for my time allotment and desire for real strength he recommended 5x5. I googled it and was directed to , I’m in it now about 6 weeks ish and I gotta wow. (Oh, the website is free, no corporate shills here)

I don’t weigh any different. People say I’ve lost weight but I think I’m just standing with better posture. Muscles holding my self in a better position now. I don’t play any of that “oh I’m just swapping fat for muscle” cause that’s a pretty big fallacy. You can lose 50 pounds in a year, you can’t gain 50 pounds of muscle in a year.

BUT the coolest part that is in some way on topic for this website is my biking. Last week we rode @WhopperDroppper and I was able to get up tricky “burst of energy climbs” like never before. Also I just rode into Sackvegas from Beaverskank to pick up the car from the shop. I felt just as tired BUT I know I went a lot faster than normal and aside from one hill I stayed in the big ring the whole way.

So, here are the basics of the work out but if you have the desire to get stronger and not have to do any bullshit complex silly looking exercises I strongly recommend this.

There is workout A and workout B. The idea is that you just rotate back and forth between them with a rest day in between. I do them M W F, I’m in and out in under an hour WITH ADEQUATE REST between sets.

Workout A - 5x5 Squats , 5x5 Bench press, 5x5 Bent Rows.
Workout B - 5x5 Squats, 5x5 Over head press, 1x5 Deadlifts.

The catch is that every single workout you add 5 pounds to ever exercise. (Each workout, not each set). Deadlifts you add 10 but remember only 1 set of 5. (YOu might of course do 4 or 5 warmup sets of progressively heavier weight to reach your workout weight)

Anyways, I could go on and on. I’m satisfied with the results and would recommend it to anyone wanting strength and measurable gains with minimum horseshit.

Good on ya for doin’ it… thats the hardest part, getting started.

I’ve developed a similar, simplified routine for myself here at work (we have a full gym). It’s based on a 10 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible)… yesterday was pushups… I managed (for the forst time :stuck_out_tongue: ) to do 100. Then I finish off with two or three complimentary exercises (dumbbell presses, dips, etc) I’m in and out in 30 minutes and muscles definitely fatigued.

It is pretty neat how cross training can be beneficial for any sport. I wish I had realized this more so years ago when I was playing hockey…

Last ride you were killing it! You’ve lost weight and seem to be riding faster. I need to start going to the gym to keep up with you soon!

If you mean me, I haven’t lost a single pound! But I do feel stronger.

@Ken - the thing i’ve noticed about 5x5 is I don’t have DOMS or severe fatigue from it, and each day my whole body see’s work, not just specific parts which I love.

That’s a benefit for sure… may have to investigate further :stuck_out_tongue:

I went into this thinking squats were “leg exercises” boy was I wrong. You need your core to hold that weight up, your arms to keep it from sliding off your shoulders etc. Deadlifts do everything. Even a proper overhead press uses a bunch of your body. Oh and I’m in and out under 45 min which is key.

I’m still doing this. I’m up to now : (and still going up 5 pounds per workout)

Squat - 245
Bench - 145
Deadlift - 265

Feels fucking awesome, but with biking I realized I cannot keep up 3 times a week squatting. So Backed off to 2 strength workouts a week and 2 bike rides.

What are you at for overhead press? I find that the hardest of all the exercises.

I’m on week 7 I believe. I feel great after and not fatigued just like you said. Great may to start the morning!

Overhead press is the devils exercise. I’ve done as much as 100 but injured my back. Since then I’ve deloaded to 90, and went back up by 2.5 pound increments, then back down to 90 again. Sort of yoyoing to practice my form. There’s really a lot more to this one than just lifting the weight up.

Getting your face out of the way so you can press behind your head, tuck your arse under, keep a neutral non arched spine, tighten your core etc. Oh and after your first press, bouncing the weight off your chest is fine for the subsequent ones. It gets you started and gets the bar past your nose.

I’m at 150 for the barbell rows but failed at them recently so I’m de-loading to 135 then working my way back up again. Pretty sure I’ll crest the 150 limit and perhaps get stuck at around 170 again.

I joined the site and the resources in there have been pretty valuable so far.