Sunday ride - October 26th

I want to go for a ride this Sunday. Starting about 10:30 - 1100 am and ending early to mid afternoon. Although I’m open to ideas, I’m thinking possibly P2, Pumphouse, Bird Sanctuary etc.

It will depend on the trails after the rains we are expecting of course.

Who’s interested?

I would be willing to ride elsewhere depening on the trail conditions.

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I should be free and am up for riding wherever if the trails are suitable.

This weekend might be a washout, I’d love to make it down that way if I can hitch a ride otherwise I will probably ride at Irishman’s Rd if it’s not actually raining. The trails there drain extremely fast thanks to the karst topography.

I might be interested…not familiar with those trails and would love a guide. Not sure if the timing works. My wife is doing the TrailFlow ladies course on Sunday at 10 in Wolfville. Does that put us somewhere close by 10:30-11?

Hope it dries out by then!

Yes, the trails are in Kentville

P2 has all been leafblown in the last week. There are some sections that will be covered again by Sunday, but the rest is killer. Anywhere in the pine trees is clear.
Some of the middle of the Gorge has been leafblown, some covered, some clear.
If we get a day or two with not much rain, the trails will be rideable without doing too much damage. Sunday will be slippery no matter what with rain in the forecast. Roots/rocks/woodwork all become more interesting!

Postponed…the trails will just be too wet to ride without causing damage. Until next time folks.

Yeah, it wasn’t looking good for Sunday.
Time to do all the autumn cooking I’ve been putting off!

Also time to bring out the rollers and mag trainer…yuck!

I’m still thinking of riding at Irishman’s Rd on Sunday afternoon, the roots might be slippery but there won’t be any mud.

Irishman road may be interesting. Or i may just try out my trainer as well.

I would think Fight Trail would be in pretty decent shape…Curious about Irishman’s Rd too, have never checked it out…

Would love a tour of Irishman’s Rd trails. I remember the dump that used to be there.

@dealmac yeah it’s been reclaimed but in some areas its pretty obvious it used to be a dump, with car pieces sticking out of the ground. It also was an active gypsum mining area before that. There used to be a rail line right into the site…

I’m just waiting to confirm with the family about Sunday, I’ll post here with the plan later on.

Good call Mike. There is always next weekend.

I’m not riding this weekend either got some other commitments

Thanks @bent6543. We got in a woods and 4-wheeler road Bishopville-Falmouth-Greenfield-Gaspereau loop yesterday.
Would Irishman’s Rd be a good night ride?

@dealmac Irishman’s would be fun at night, depending on your skill level it might be technical in spots. I’m not really available to ride at night unfortunately. I’m aiming for a ride there next weekend. Unless there is a ride at Gore, @darkmyth?

Thanks @bent6543. We’ll look for the post. Anyone else out there that might be able to offer a night tour of Irishman’s Rd?

Heh, probably not without getting lost or ending up in someones backyard, no one knows that zone better than me :slight_smile: