So the sun has been out and I’m beginning to sport a funny knee pad sunburn. I don’t like wearing sunscreen but I’m fair skinned and should probably put it on before a ride. Oh, and I sweat during a ride. What are you using for sunscreen? Does it stay on during a ride?

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I use this stuff. Lasts long. Works great. It’s not thick or heavy like most sunscreens…it’s just a thin liquid that dries in a couple minutes, then you can’t even feel it.

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This is what I use.

For my face and ears I use Zinka or Headhunter sunscreen. It works well and lasts me ~2hr. It is commonly used by lifeguards and surfers.

Legs and arms I use Coppertone sport. I should probably reapply this hourly due to sweating but I do not.