Suspension Stem - Stafast

These guys market it for roadies, mtbers and the casual rider. I’m thinking its more fitting on a fatbike. Its brings back memories of older suspension stems, however this one uses an air shock.

I’m field testing as we speak . . . well not right now as typing this up. :smile:

What do you think?

StaFast Suspension Stem


Much cheaper than a fat fork im guessing?

I believe its $350ish

Wasn’t part of the rationalization of Fatbike that they have these balloon like tires that give like 3 inches of ‘suspension’.

Here’s a review for ya’s:

1989 called, it wants its junk back, Ha ha, kidding guys, enjoy.

I am trying my best not to judge it on past products BUT I fail to see how StaFast has solved any of the inherent issues with suspension stems.

My main concerns…
a) the pivot location means your bar rotates around under you, changing your position on the bike.

b) They don’t talk about dampening anywhere. They get points for allowing for adjustment of the air pressure but it looks to be undamped and a pogo stick style ride is never a good thing.

c) damn that looks like a very high front end.

  1. Only two sizes?

Ha ha, too funny. Between using a stolen picture from the Tour DEE France to this awesome text, I don’t know which is funnier.

Pretty big claims, like to see the data they used to back it up:

Stafast is the force dampening system that allows cyclists to achieve
their peak performance levels. Bicycles equipped with Stafast attain
faster speeds, provide enhanced comfort and deliver superior results
overall. Engineered to perfection, Stafast is composed of premium
materials selected with fit and durability in mind. By replacing a
standard bicycle stem with Stafast, strain on a rider’s upper body is
decreased dramatically; and unlike other dampening components on the
market, Stafast lessens impact without sacrificing performance.
Whether using your bike to commute downtown, for taking a leisurely
nature trail ride or for testing your limits on off-road terrain, your
cycling experience will be forever improved with Stafast.

The two sizes is a nice touch: long and too long.

On on plus note: the air shock instead of a spring or elastober is a good idea, infinite adjustability and not affected by the cold temps. Probably has some dampening characteristics as well. Nice video, fatbiker.

Loved the “15 Worst” list Tossed…lol

Don’t be shy guy . . . tell me what you really think. :smile:
I never used any of the other systems, the bars do indeed twist and I agree that it could be shorter.
After using it for several weeks I do have some positive things to say about it though.

Wow, I score 9 out of 15 on that list. I have or do own 9 out of the 15 “worst” products. I really think the Girvin vector fork should be in there too.

I never owned a suspension stem, but did get a chance to try the softride version, and have to say it was not very confidence inspiring.

Hey, that’s the spirit. You did ask us what we thought of the product, ha ha. To each their own, if a fatbike is giving what you want, ride and enjoy, no harm in that. Your webpage is pretty cool, if I was into fatbikes I’d probably be all over it.

Yeah, I don’t know why they are dumping on barends though, those serve a purpose.