Tail lights!?!?

Got a one watt front LED and the Superflash rear from Planet Bike. Very pleased. Painfully bright. Can’t wait to claim my one meter with those puppies!!!

What are people using that is removable, bright and won’t fall off and skip down the road until a car crunches it? Sick and tired of junk. Price is no longer an option either. Just want to by a light me and the Missus can use for more than a few weeks.

Have you tried the turtle lights from MEC? I love the fact that they’ll attach just about anywhere (including the dog), they’re super cheap, quite bright, and no bracket is required.

Was just looking at those. They gots them sum neat stuff!

I gots me a couple them there turtle lights given to me a few years back for xmas from some cool pedaltrout cats

Uhoh - the PedalTrout has cats? Doesn’t he know what happens when cats and fish intermingles? Yikes!

Any tail light with a plastic attachment will break first time your crash… or even just set your bike down too hard. The MEC Turtle jobs are the best, both for that loopy attachment thing, their durability, longevity and funky colors. Grab a few of them though, just one isn’t really sufficient. It’s not like they get in the way or anything.

I am off today to check out these Turtles, along with some riding gear. Last week was WET!