Tailgate pad repair

So someone tried to steal my tailgate pad off my truck and cut the straps with a razor blade, they must have realized they messed it up and just left it. Probably didn’t even know what it was for. Anyone know of any places in HRM that might be able to repair it? There is some strap left to attach to on 3 of them but on one of them it looks like it would have to be taken apart so the strap could be sewed to the outer part of the pad. I’m thinking maybe an industrial tailor or something might be able to fix it? If anyone has any ideas let me know.

And a video of the guy doing it:

ABC Interiors for sure out on Peggy’s Cove Road. I’ve been sending such repairs to them for decades.


Awesome thanks I’ll check it out

The Trail Shop usually has nylon webbing but I’m not sure if they could do repairs. Worth a call.


Quinpool Shoe Repair had done various pieces of my outdoor Gear in the past like MEC dry bags, which don’t last long.


What a fucking knob.

It’s like he expected there to be a bike under it or something.


Greg at Atlantic Custom Canvas (just off of Portland St. near Baker Drive) could fix this up for you.


It definitely looks like he was more interested in what was under the pad.

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Also see Paul Aumento at Creative Textile Solutions on Kempt Road. I send him commercial grade work to do all the time. He has an industrial sewing machine and does banner hemming and sews sails on a regular basis


Nice that’s close by I’ll check it out. Thanks!

I would say any upholstery shop that does commercial grade repairs can fit it
Such as vehicle upholstery for vans or boats

Yeah you’re right, super weird. Maybe he thought my Ridgeline was a Raptor and wanted to steal the Raptor badge :rofl:

He didn’t even get to the part where there is a cable running through it locked to the truck but maybe he wasn’t even interested in the pad itself.

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Sheesh mistake a raptor for ridgeline… maybe thiught the tires were flat then because rhe ridgelines are so low to the ground

Hey now, no shitting on Ridgelines. Damn near the perfect MTB vehicle.


Lol nah. The diesel canyons are… :sunglasses: one tank gets ya to the railyard then to pei for two days at brookvale. Back to halifax and then back to railyard on one tank. And tons of payload… more than my old f150

And I’m over here driving my little hybrid to PEI and back with bikes on the rack for $15 in gas.

Maybe F150 lightning is the way to go.

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18 years of automotive experience is quietly rocking back and forth in the corner smiling at the conversation. :upside_down_face: