Tapered fork into 1 1/8” headtube?

Anyone know about possibility/logistics of fitting a tapered fork into a straight 1 1/8” headtube?

It depends on the headtube and the kinds of headsets it can utilize. I switched an older (2010) Giant Trance from a ZS44 lower headset cup to an EC44 which allowed me to put a tapered fork on the bike.

What’s the bike you want to convert? If it’s old enough that it uses an EC34 headset you’re definitely out of luck.

I believe tapered forks go from 1 1/8 to 1 1/2” so your headtube would need to be a 1.5” to fit a tapered fork with a conversion kit other than the head tubes made for tapered forks specifically

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I have a 2017 Rocky Mountain blizzard-10.
It has a zero stack but not sure if it’s zs44 or not

From what I see on the RM site your bike uses an FSA No 10 headset which is a ZS44 top and bottom. It should be possible to install a cane creek ec44 bottom and use a fork that’s tapered.

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Yeah that’s what I seemed to be finding by my limited googling as well!

No problem, I should also mention that depending on how deep the bore ream to accept the cup is on your frame, you may need to shorten the insertion depth of the cup in order for it to press all the way in. The ZS44 standard specifies a 15mm ream depth but in practice I found that the Giant I converted was only reemed 10mm. The Cane Creek EC44 cup was 12mm so I had a friend of mine remove 2mm from the insertion end of the cup so that it would press all the way in.