Tattoo artists, halifax

I had a Hida whale done last year by Scott Forbes owner of Oceanic
Art. He is located in Dartmouth. He did a sweet job! Great guy if
your looking for somthing custom he will talk it over with you then
draw it up. He took my idea for some hida art and made it

I know theres a Tattoo fest this weekend but probably a lot of the artists are going to be here only for the weekend. I’m looking for recommendations of local tattoo artists. With any luck I can check out their work at the fest. Thanks in advance.

My last Tattoo was done by a woman named Erin Coldrick, at Ancient Elements Tattoo on the Noel Shore from her home. I’m not sure if she’ll be at the show but it can make a great bike ride even better by riding home with some new ink!
Check out her site.

it’s not halifax but Kurt silver in elmsdale does awesome work his shop is called silver city

I’ve been impressed by everything I’ve seen but his wiat list is very long

you thinking of making your arms warms come to life randy

Yeah, pretty much. Thanks for the info.

stuff to look for in your artist. autoclave (fancy steamer to sterilize stuff) various sized needles (outlines only need single needle, filling needs a multi needled ) an actual proffesional gun (i’ve seen some sketchy looking guns) plus check out their work if you can.