Teammate for Tired Tires


I’m looking for a teammate for the Tired Tires event on Sunday. Anyone thinking about going and looking for a teammate?


I’d love to but being fathers day it’s hard for me to get away :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t that exactly why you should be able to get out for a ride?


I get Saturday and my Dad gets the family Sunday.


Are you coming to Fitz?


I am. At lest thats the goal :slight_smile:


Not to into “racing” but a could be interested in being your riding teammate. Are you going to the cottage Saturday night?


I’m there for the ride…and yes to the cottage.

I am riding Fitzpatrick on Saturday so will be arriving at the cottage early evening.


Hmmfh thinking thinking…


I’m going to “race” solo this year, and by “race” I mean do slow laps and give high fives to the real racers.