Tell us about your weekend

Where did you ride? How was it? Tell us all about it…add pics too!

I spent most of my weekend here :slight_smile:

that looks so awesome!!! Amazing work, can’t wait to check it out.

Had a great day of riding yesterday- rode the Old Coach Road from Spryfield to Prospect Road in the morning with the GF and then rode Fight Trail in the evening with my riding bud. Best day of riding in a while!

Good weekend for me as well…

Saturday: Rode Fitzpatrick Mountain with a buddy that I am trying to get hooked into MTB. He has improved quite a bit since last ride there. It was a good leg burner of a ride too.

Sunday: Rode whopper, from Coke plant up to whopper top and then Lake Loop and Suzie Q western exit. a little last minute, and rushed but fun nonetheless. I went over the handlebars, haven’t done that in a bit! Just a low speed thing, no damage.

Sunday was a clumsy day for me, however, Strava informed my that I had a personal best on my climb up to whopper top. Certainly did not feel any faster.

The trails soaked up the rain pretty good too.

Rode spider lake on Friday with the new bike. It was awesome, loving the full suspension, so much more cushy. With the bash guard on and the third chain ring removed it has a lot of ground clearance which is always nice. Didn’t even crash, so it was a good night. I do haveto put my clipless pedals back on though. Smashing a metal platform into your shin is not enjoyable

Worked on Deer Leg trail yesterday… hoping to take a few days off this week to get it done.

Gorefest fun in the mud on Saturday and unexpected endurance road ride on Sunday. Legs are fried, but great weekend!