Thanksgiving Monday Ride

I would like to ride somewhere on Thanksgiving Monday. Where are people heading?

I’d kinda like to head somewhere like Truro? Who’s around?


I’ll be returning from Cape Breton and would be willing to meet up in Truro or Keppoch, if people are keen.


I don’t know about Keppoch, but I’ve never hit the trails in Truro and may be down for that!

I might be around. I live in Truro and would be up for meeting some folks from the MTB scene

I will be in Truro on Monday and could meet up for a ride depending on the time

@muddy what time of day would work best for you? Please remember I’m an out of shape, middle age dad of a 4 year old who’s just getting back into biking LOL. Come to think of it my user name should be Old-n-slow

I plan on riding truro monday, but will be mostly on the callus jump lines

I’ve never been to truro before and I’d love to tag along w some people who know the trails if any of you guys are still going ?


Still going. 11am at the parking lot off Young street.

Okay I may also tag along!

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Railyard parking lot.