The Big Dirty Gravel Grind

Saw this on zone 4 and thought there might be a few gravel grinders on here that would be interetsed.

The Big Dirty Gravel Grind

June 25th, 2023

This event is in loving memory of Bryan Scallion and the money raised will go to the Bryan Scallion Memorial Fund which helps send aspiring athletes to national level competitions.

Event Details:

The Big, Dirty Gravel Grind will offer two loops. A 50km loop and a 100 km loop (descriptions below). This event is brought to you by Bike Monkey and Hub Cycle. A big thank you to both of them!

There will be two categories for this event. Sport and Competitive. If you are in the competitive category, there will be age categories within each distance. U18, 18-39, 40-59, 60+ for both Male and Female

Entry fee:

U18: $25

18+: $35

One Event Membership (for non-Cycling NS members): $15

A valid Cycling NS membership must be shown at registration/sign-in.


Should be good

Road the larger loop with the organizer this weekend.

What a course. Every type of gravel imaginable, great climbing and one of the most scenic finishes through Collingwood on the road.

Here is the elevation profile.


Heck ya, Collingwood Corner to Westchester is one of my favourite stretches of pavement.

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Is there a map of the 50km loop?

Iā€™m thinking of doing the non competitive 50kms but not familiar with the route. Is it really technical? I have a gravel bike not a mountain bike. Thanks

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Have not done the 50km route but its basically every type of gravel imaginable.

Honestly, a skilled enough rider could hack it on a road bike imo.