The Farm - CNS Membership

I bought a $50 year membership to CNS online. I understand this gives me access to the Farm

Do I need proof of this to ride there? Is there something I am supposed to download and print out and carry with me in case someone checks while I am there? Other than honesty what prevents non members from riding there?

Just got an email that gives me the code for the gate so it sounds like this is all I need

I am happy to support CNS but what is stopping me from sharing the code or allowing 5 of my non member buddies from coming through the gate with me?

Don’t forget to sign in using the qr code.

Thanks so much for the support.


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do you mean at the gate?


Yes at the gate. Scan the qr on the gate. Takes a minute to do.

The Farm is closed to bike traffic until further notice due to rising temps in an effort to salvage the work done by volunteer’s.

Thank you for your patience and we will update when its ready to ride again.

-The Farm


I suspect it is running on the honour system. I’m sure there will be some non member trail use, but let’s remember that every other sport you would participate in has some sort of fee to play. I’ll happily shell out 50 bucks a year for access to purpose built trail (and let’s encourage those 5 buddies to do the same - the more cash it brings in, the bigger the trail network gets - maybe some paid trail building etc vs relying completely on volunteers). I’m sure It wouldn’t hurt to give feedback to CNS if access to the trail network is the driver behind a membership purpose too.

No reason this can’t be the dartmouth version of Mac run, especially if it gets lots of traffic and funding (maybe HRM can step up too - Tony Mancini has spent district capital funds on MRWA - something right on the doorstep to district 6 would benefit from a bit of capital funding too).


Probably lasers.

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But as a community we are trying to build a sense of ownership and dedication to this so it can grow and be a long term viable product.

If we as a community can prove to the province and the land owners that this is viable and being used it will most likely last and get things like grants.

We are trying to prove this with the signing in piece which very few have the time it seems to comply with due to the stoke.

Everyone involved has a shared understanding that a mentorship approach will be used.