The Gorge

Description: Steep chutes, rock gardens, huck jumps, buff singletrack and roots. 6km loop approx for BNS XC race course.

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/TrailWizard

Location: Kentville, NS

Trail Head:: Gladys Porter Dr

Trail Forks: The Gorge

Website: AVMBA

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The Gorge has been featured as the Trailforks/Pinkbike trail of the month. Includes a nice vid from @radchad

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Checked out the Scoliosis section of the Gorge/P2 trails yesterday. I went up the “Upper Old School Access Road”, which is marked green on Trailforks. IMHO it’s not green going uphill. Rooty, muddy, ATV-tracked. I walked up to the power lines. I followed the powerlines up to the entrance to Scoliosis, which is hard to spot. I actually used the Trailforks app on my phone to navigate me to the trailhead at the powerlines. Look for a patch of old cut up wood laying on the ground. The trail itself was pretty fun coming down. A mix of old school rooty singletrack, with lots of curves, berms, and a few skinny bridges.

Scoliosis is not officially part of the Gorge, nor is Matt’s trail or P2. It heavily used and is often referred to as part of the Gorge but officially it is on private property whereas, the Gorge is public land owned by the Town of Kentville.