The Groomed Gorge - January 16th - POSTPONED

Avmba winter ride @ the gorge 2pm - POSTPONED

the Gorge - kentville

The Gorge will be groomed for this Sunday so come on down and we will go for a snowy ride.

Fatties recommended, as are studs. However the weather will ultimately decide if skinnies will work.

Dress warm!

This is not an official ECMTB ride.


We are waiting for further reports this afternoon as to grooming of the trails. Stay tuned!

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We have postponed the ride as the snow is too soft to groom properly. New date TBA.

Heads up. There are fallen trees across 3 or 4 routes and lots of widow makers in the Gorge today, you might run into some roadblocks. I feel the city needs to do a safety clearing with all the storms of late.

A few of us went in this afternoon and cut a bunch of trees out. Didn’t get around the whole park but made a good go at it. Should be back in mid week and will take care of any more I see.


Not sure if it’s in your realm or the city’s but "classic Gorge " is super sketchy right now with dozens of half fallen trees. would be good to have it looked at.

Thank you for providing a location. That does help a lot.

The work today was done under the hat of the Annapolis Valley Mountain Bike Association. If there are trails that need work especially in regards to the Gorge, and Anima Mundi, please let us know.

I can be contacted via the AVMBA Facebook page, by messaging me here (riderx), or email, We will be looking for volunteers to sit on our board or be general members for next year. We would love to see some fresh eyes and energy help maintain and advocate for our trails.

How big are these trees?

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Mostly pine. 30-40f tall but pretty skinny. I will try to pop in after work today and grab some photos.

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Sounds like an easy clean up.

I’ll have them gone today.


Near the parking lot fire pit there’s a large dead tree that the daily youth groups are trying to bring down with rocks and sticks…buggers are almost there. Might want to look at that also. Thanks for your work dude.

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Took out a bunch of trees this morning and did some preliminary trail grooming. More to come.

I’ll have to go back and take a look at that other tree.