The new music thread


Great stuff, already pouched some new music. Keep it coming. Here’s something else for your ear holes from my secret stash


Man, I used to love Sister Machine Gun!
I’m going to try and find my old CD’s and see if I still have some of their songs.


All time favourite while rollin’ out.


One of my current favourites for a full album is Trivium’s “Vengeance Falls”. I’m not a huge fan of many of their other albums, but this one revs me up from start to finish.

Clutch are an awesome blues-influenced rock band that vary from heavy to slow and mellow. Their clever and sometimes nonsense lyrics appeal to me.

For something a little funkier, check out “Book of Bad Decisions” released last year.


Clutch was on auto repeat downstairs at cyclesmith for years


I saw them play in Toronto last October. They’re not very lively on stage, but it was incredible to hear them live!


Here’s something from the way back machine. Heavy before heavy was cool and Canadian too eh, turn it up bitch’s

Martyn ashton

I recently downloaded this track, one of my new favourites.


A little more of a hip hop sound but this one has been hitting a nerve.