The new music thread


So I like music, as do most people. So I thought I would start a new topic about music. I use the term new with it relating to the listener not the release date. Many years ago before the interwebs it was much harder to find or hear new stuff. I relied on the new music magazine a weekly show by the folks that went on to make much music or CBC late night with brave new waves. Now we have apple and Spotify an almost endless resource. But you still have find those Hidden tracks. So let’s hear what everybody’s listening to that’s not on the main stream high rotation play list


New “Tool” album coming out, great for mind + soul repair and maintenance.


Gonna have to say Merkules for Canadian Hip Hop Merkules/Cole is a great guy and his music is pretty good, and the New I Prevail Album is great!


I could listen to this all day…


Anything by Greta Van Fleet.

These two have been topping my list the last little bit too;


High tempo Radiohead does it for me:
Radiohead - Reckoner:
Atoms For Peace - Before Your Very Eyes:


-car ride to the trail:
Elder - Lore
Brad Mehldau - Just Call Me Nige
Long Distance Calling - Black Paper Planes
Front Range - Ramblin’ On My Mind

-car ride home:
In Flight Safety - Coast is Clear
Cloudkicker - Let Yourself Be Huge


I’m a metalhead big time, a lot of the stuff I listen to is a bit obscure, but some of the more “known” stuff are bands like Cancer Bats, Power Trip, Black Dahlia Murder, Darkest Hour.


I enjoy a wide range of stuff. I like female vocalists like Jill Barber and Amy Winehouse. Rosie and the Riveters are also on my rotation. I am liking all the new stuff by Vampire Weekend.


I was just on vacation for a week so this one came up a couple of times.


Oh and this:


All Metallica! Hip Hop! FFDP! Avenged Sevenfold…
This is a solid tribute to a classic.


Converted a bunch of recordings of Brave New Waves from the mid eighties to the early nineties quite some time ago. When I can figure out how to share them I’ll let you know.


John Prine, Van Morrison, Neko Case.


My favourite band is Propagandhi. 2017’s Victory Lap still gets more spins than almost anything else in my library. Heavy, technical, political – it’s everything I want in music.

Been listening to a ton of doom and sludge and hardcore, but my favourite thing in the past few years is instrumental metal.

Pelican has a new album coming soon and this is amazing:

Russian Circles has some new shit on the way too. So good.

Really enjoying the new Valley of the Sun – Old Gods


A great fusion band from Down Under… the Cat Empire. Checknout tracks Sly and Two shoes for starters…


Man, I used to love listening to Brave New Waves late at night on the radio.


I uploaded about a dozen cassettes worth to Grooveshark. If you can think of a new place to put them let me know.


Another great band to listen to while rollin’ around. Godsmack!


Shinedown Monsters #1 on Sirius Satellite Big Uns