The one meter rule

hence the black diamond bike lane markers. (lol)
That’s funny. Never thought of it that way till now.

Had a guy at work get all upset about it when it came on the radio just after I rode in and sat down. He said they better “watch out and not get in front of me!” He also thinks it should be illegal for me to ride to work in the winter. To the point he started yelling. And I have nowhere to hang my clothes at work that is dry and somewhat warm. I was using the electrical room, but finally got the boot from there. I got in trouble for hanging my socks on my OWN chair at MY desk. Frig them. I’m looking for cycle-friendly job asap. Bad enough to have to work in Burnside.

So, not to change the topic. Just what Big Nose said about people giving a damn. They probably won’t. I say get the bike cops out en mass for a few shifts with unmarked cars shadowing them to hand out friendly reminders. Just plaster it all out there. If people have that big a problem, THEY should stay off the roads. We have a legal right to be there. And while a lot of us choose to ride, some have no other alternative.

It is finally here. Now as cyclists in NS we finally have the documentation to back us up when motorists graze us on the road.
Today thanks in part to many dedicated cycling activists who frequent this site and I believe may have even won some beer for their efforts to better cycling, Nova Scotia has joined the civilized world.
The motor vehicle act is being ammended to give us 1 meter of road legally.

Tis a great day!!!


Praise the Lord! I am tired of people trying to push me off the road. Especially when there is TWO lanes, with NOTHING in the lane furthest from me, and they STILL choose to mirror tap me. I am keeping a pen and paper with me from now on for plate #'s. We should write a really nice letter on behalf of the cycling community and send it to all the people in coalitions and the gov’t who made it happen. We can’t just complain… we have to show grattitude when things happen as well.

nice work to all involved

Have any news links to this ?

Here is a link:

definatly good news.
the question now is, how much space should we leave between our selves and the curb?

Here’s a question: Will drivers give a damn? Can we prove anything if they clip us?

hence the black diamond bike lane markers. (lol)