The Railyard - looking for cyclists input!

Throwing up a post for the Railyard looking for data!

“We want your feedback!”:speaking_head:
The Railyard Bike Park Association has a call out for your thoughts.

What would you like to see go on in the Railyard? :thinking:Youth programs? More races? Amenities? etc….Keep in mind this is purely for information purposes​:memo:, the town already has a list and have things in motion for the upcoming summer that will keep the crew busy.
The purpose of this poll is to provide the association with current thoughts from you the users, which will help them work with the town to keep the Railyard evolving into becoming a major MTB destination!
So put your thoughts in a message form and send it to me or drop them in the comments below!

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I think any venue could benefit from a race series.
Racing develops athletes, instills confidence, and has countless other benefits.

Just my 2 cents.


100 percent. The loss of the Victorias Secret race, I think is a missed opportunity doesn’t have to be the same name or time but a race even to draw people in.

The Railyard bike fest was a great event and I can only see it getting better.

Short track is great and a huge boon for the community.

Personally I think the town, bike Truro and the Railyard crew and volunteers are killing it and do a great job year round, and I’m always excited to see the next new thing.

If I was going to pick one thing, after 1000s of KM in the Railyard. Bottle fill stations and bathrooms. That’s it that’s all.


I would like to see some races, skills courses, and more technical DH trails


The restroom facilities comment is spot on. I noticed last weekend that there wasn’t a portapottie there this year at the skills park parking lot. That would be a great addition, especially for families coming up with their kids.

I have no interest in racing, but love to see events that get people out who don’t enjoy the competitive aspect. Something akin to the old poker runs we used to host with ecmtb at Spider Lake would be an awesome experience at a place like the Railyard. I’m sure there are other types of events that could be staged too.


Hard to build DH trails with lack of downhill. I get the desire though and do think some of what they have planned already is going to continue to diversity them from the original XC focused stuff.

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The Rally in the Railyard last September was an excellent time. Need more of those vibes. With a beer tent.


Pretty sure a bathroom is being built at the Pipeline entrance (627 Young Street?) and I think should open this summer. Bottle fill stations would be amazing! Hopefully have one near that bathroom.

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I’ve got one word for ya: Poker Run!


That’s two words. :thinking: