The Report Illeagal Dumping Feature of the Halifax Recycles App Works!

I found an Illeagal dump of waste oil in the backcountry today. Normally I just clean up the dumps I find, but I don’t want to take on hazardous waste disposal. I decided to try out the report illeagal dumping feature of the Halifax Recycles app. It was super easy to do, and I got a call back from the city in 20 minutes. They’ll be going out tomorrow to clean up the illeagal dump.

If you are in HRM and have the app on your phone it’s very easy to use. Just click on the illeagal dump tab and fill out the form.

The hardest part is finding your geographic position, and that’s also pretty simple. Open google maps, drop a pin on the dump location, then click on the pin. The latitude and longitude will be displayed, just press and hold on it to copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into the illeagal dump report.