The tackman is back at Spider Lake!

U lock to a tree. :slight_smile:

Something of note: The tackman appears to be up to his old tricks again.

Someone (And we think we know who) is putting long tacks down in the trail to sabotage the mountain bikers. We believe they are somewhere along the Ribbon of Love. For your safety and that of your dogs, please avoid this part of the trail for now. I will take a walk in to try to find the spot where the tacks were dropped. I’m not sure they can be picked up with a magnet, but I’ll be bringing one and a camera in case I find a stash. I will be calling the police about this as well.

Apparently, they appear like little red sparks when you shine your headlamps on them, so if you see this, please stop and check for tacks.

If you do get one, please let me know since I am working on building a case against the culprit to give to the police. Even though we think we know who is doing this, we have no proof and therefore have to take the higher ground and continue to report this behaviour to the cops. Please don’t try to engage this guy or take the tacks back to his home - this won’t help our case. That and he seems to be a little bit nuts to begin with.

Avoid the Ribbon!

Good work sticking to the high ground. Thanks for this.

This is what some vandal did to my wheelbarrow.

In 07

Shot big holes in the bucket

It was new that summer.

Remember this sign

Close up.

We need to get one of those profiles done on this sociopath, like they do on Criminal Minds

I can’t believe someone hasn’t taken this idiot out at the knees yet. Remember when he chopped up a fawn and left the guts and bloody carcass all over the trail? He is one sick puppy!

Anyone own one of those deer spotting cameras with the motion detectors in them?

One of those would work great to catch our bandit (s). However, the trouble with those cameras is that they are not very easy to hide and I suspect our culprits would add it to their collection of killing tools.
To catch a hunter of this nature will require a Predator like approach.
Stalkng, and watching… hunting the hunter.
Anyone have any camo, and some good camera equipment and lots of patience?

I may take this one on if it involves stalking and evidence gathering. I used to stalk critters a lot back when I was a yungin’. He obviously isn’t a real gentlemanly ethical hunter, so it should be easy to dupe him. Just gear up a ghily suit, learn his habits, document it and away we go.
Sue, did he really kill a fawn? That’s highly illegal…
Maybe just keep calling DNR at the report-a-poacher # enough so that they hassle him. I might just go back there and “practice” with my harmonica’s, guitar and pennywhistle for a few weeks. Shame they are so noisy. Even worse than a bike rolling quickly past.

A few of us have been calling the RCMP whenever we experience a tack. It’s pretty easy to do.

A few of us have been calling the RCMP whenever we experience a tack. It’s pretty easy to do.
That’s also a great tactic but not nearly as fun as setting a leg hold trap and suspending him upside down for a while. Do you think he would chew his leg off to get free?

Seriously though, Andrew is right. This has been going on for far too long and the legal route needs to be followed here. This individual has all the charcteristics of a sociopath and for your safety he should not be confronted.