There is a First Time for Everything

So Tuesday July 15th was my 25th wedding anniversary. I’m an incredibly lucky guy with an incredible wife and family that I love dearly, though that is for another discussion.

I’ve been riding now for about 15 years and love to get out as much as possible. I asked my wife what special thing we should do to celebrate our milestone anniversary and without missing a beat she said she would like to go for a ride. She hasn’t been on a bike in 25 years and I was flabbergasted that this was something she wanted to do. However, I thought it was an awesome idea. Monday night I spent a little time setting up a Kona hardtail I have hanging in the garage and got it it all ready for date night. On Tuesday night we headed for Shubie Park. She made it perfectly clear she didn’t want to ride “any roots, rocks or mud” (Hell what’s left?!?!?!?!) so I thought Shubie was as good a place as any to get a taste of wheels on dirt.

To make a long story short we had a great ride. She caught on very quickly to shifting and using the trail to create momentum and before long we were zipping along pretty well. I resisted every urge I had to “show-off” and did not speed away like I was on fire or jump over rocks or stuff like that. We stayed completely together and rode form Mic Mac to the end of Lake Charles and back. It was such a great ride!!!

So the first thing she says when we get back to the car was that she really enjoyed it and would like to get a bike and start riding somewhat regularly. She goes to the gym every day, and has been for years, but is looking for a little variety beyond the stair climber and treadmill.

I am now looking for a bike for her. I suspect she needs a size small (5’3"), a hardtail with disc brakes and not a department store bike. I doubt this will ever hit anything other that crusher dust so a 29er, dually just isn’t necessary. Hoping to stay below $300 and I am confident that I can find something. Holla if you have something for sale.

Worlds are colliding Jerry!!

That’s awesome! Like you I’m lucky to have a partner that supports my love of riding and cuts me a ton of slack to let me get rides in. A couple weekends ago we were kidless on a Saturday (which never happens) and she asks me if I’m going for a bike ride. I answered yes and asked if she wanted to go, not really expecting her to say yes but she did! Took her to Nine Mile River and had a great ride. Was really fun and I was stoked that she enjoyed it. It makes something I love doing even better to share it with her.

If you are going below $300, you want used for sure. But you can still find a fantastic bike in that range. I sold a Specialized Hardrock for $350 a few years back that would have been perfect

2 years ago, we got my wife set up on a new Escape hybrid. She got a few rides in, but my travel schedule and moving to a new house got in the way of the lessons and building confidence…last year was a writeoff for her dues to medical issues. I thought she had totally given up on riding but announced the other week that she wants to get back on the bike.

So Sunday we went out for a short refresher ride and last night she asked me to put the bike on the trainer so she could keep the legs spinning while the weather sucked.

She’s not the most adventurous soul, and she won’t be doing any epic centuries or gravel grinds, but I was stoked that she decided to get back on the horse at 52 years and do what she can to stay healthy.


That’s awesome Kirk!!

I know my wife would be out with me in a minute if she was able, so if you have the health for it, realize your blessing and just do it!

wow this is kind of freaky, tuesday the 15th was my wedding anniversary as well and just the other day my wife asked about going out for a ride which came out of the blue. what the hell is going on around here?

This is what is happening:

That’s so good to hear the wives are getting on bikes. I’m very thankful that my CyclingGirl enjoys mountain biking.

I know it’s hard to spend the money when you’re not sure how much the wife will enjoy it - but some time ago I upgraded CG from my first hardtail to an '05 Spec. Enduro full suspension. She really enjoys the full suspension and feels like it fits her like a glove. I think having the wife on a good quality, comfortable, forgiving bike will really help her to enjoy getting into mountain biking.

CyclingGirl and Prettydity are hosting a ladies’ ride this Monday night at McDonald Park at 7:00PM. Newbies welcome.

Looks like the Monday evening Ladies’ ride is going to be a regular thing. See thread in the Events forum.

Hi everyone, as Rockhopper indicated we are hosting another ride at MacDonald Park this Monday. I talked to one lady at the ride this past week and she said her husband saw RH’s post about the ladies ride and suggested it to his wife. I met the husband on the Tuesday night ride and he said that he appreciated us hosting this ride because he tried to teach his wife mountain biking and that didn’t go well. His wife said she really enjoyed it. So husbands/partners, the ladies ride might be a gentler way of getting your significant other familiar with mountain biking.

So pass lets get those ladies out on the trail!


We went on our second ride together last night. Back to Shubie but this time with a bike that is a much better fit for her. Even went around Vivians Way to give her a taste of the dirt. She rode the whole thing without so much as a dab. I was impressed. She could be a good rider and really enjoys it.

Although, she can’t understand why anyone would want to ride over the rocks and roots. It’s too “bumpy”. EXACTLY!!! She get’s it!!!

PrettyDity (Barb Perrott) and I (Cyclinggirl - Janet Sullivan) are hosting a Family Ride Day at MacDonald Sports Park, 2:00-4:00 p.m. on October 5. A couple of ladies have been riding at MSP and thought it might be nice to have a social ride and include our families. All are welcome (including kids). There is something for everyone at MSP. We could do a kid ride along the lake and an adult ride around the entire park. This is just a fun, relaxed way to meet fellow women riders and their supports. Nothing too organized, just riding bikes and potentially hot chocolate and cookies. Let us know if you think you might be coming out for a ride.


Janet, Oct 4th is “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day” which ties in nicely with your event. More info here:

And a brochure with lots of additional info: … ooklet.pdf