Thursday Night Hybrid Ride

The Sportwheels Thursday Night Hybrid ride will be taking place this week on the BLT trail starting in Lakeside. 1.5 hours of easy riding on smooth crusher dust trails. Perfect for new riders and old salts alike. If you use the Facebook then here is a link.

We meet at 6:45pm and aim to take off by 7 pm to get maximum light in. Fingers crossed the rain gods are still our friends this week.

I hope it went well. I am in the valley working the for a couple of days.

Low turnout, but May, what you gonna do. Perfect weather. Couldn’t get better.

Glad you guys had good ride…

I too thought it was a perfect night for a ride, so I charged the light and took off at dusk with no wind and a beautiful riding temperature. Got almost half way on my route when the rain started… :roll:
Between he dark, windy, pelting rain and the near zero visibility through my glasses, it was an epic journey back home to say the least. I couldn’t have been any wetter if I had jumped in a lake… at least it was a warm rain, so I’m not writing this with a case of pneumonia.
On the up side though, I got a ride in, so I’m happy with that. :slight_smile: