Thursday night Whopper Ride!

Just me and Bignose showed. Good ride, though. I think he liked it. We met a few fellas there that are kinda new to the area and trails. If you guys read this, add me as a friend and check out the trails link!!!

There will be a group of us riding Whopper tonight, including some who have never been there. Meeting at the trail head 6:30 sharp. Just a fun casual XC type ride. If you don’t know the trails and want to learn a loop or two, c’mon out! Keep in mind it is a bit more technical in spots than Spider Lake, so the pace might not be as fast, but the fun will be super highly rated! Some nice vistas as well. Depending how it goes, I might start doing a ride there every week as well to show people around and maybe show people some new skills. On that note, any experienced riders are quite welcome to ride, chill and help out as well. Message me or Facebook me, Aaron Perrott, to let me know. We’ll see how it goes tonight!

P.S. A little showers won’t stop me, so if it’s damp, I’ll still be there. Just change the route accordingly.

I’ll be there with bells on. Just meet in front of the Burger King, or is the trail head directly behind it?

beside burger king there’s a dead end gravel road, not very long about 100meters, and at the end of that you’ll find the trail head.