Tick Removal

Safe and easy way to remove ticks…

I prefer the tweezers, to prevent the from “barfing” into you as described in the University of Manitoba video that is linked to at the end of the cotton swab video.

I heat a needle and touch the backside to get them to release…

Probably the worst thing you could do.

Which one Tossed? There were three methods mentioned… personally, I think the idea of twisting the little guy around his head is a bad idea, but that’s me.

All of them, except the tweezers.

The vets sell something called a Tick Twister. What do you think of that?

Just get a good pair of sharp tweezers. Any credible source will say to remove them just like in the video I posted, everything else is a gimmick.

agreed, bent. Though this thing looks promising: http://www.leevalley.com/en/garden/page.aspx?cat=2,51555&p=67728 . I just make sure I always have tweezers nearby and I just bought some of this yesterday: https://www.totallyrawdogfood.com/shop/totally-raw-natural-flea-tick-defense/

I have had these for a few years and they have worked very well.


Tell that to the tick that disengaged after being prodded by the business end of a heated needle…

Well, sure, but it only has to go wrong once.

I’ll be careful, but thanx for your concern for my well being :wink: