Ticks in shubie!

Most ppl already know this but i pulled 5 ticks off myself going through shubie today. Most likely picked them up on line 24.
Dont forget to do your tick checks


I had never in my life even seen a tick, until I rode through shubie today and got 2 of the buggers. They suck!

Line 24 is prime habitat for them. Low shrubs and tall grass. I’ve picked dozens(maybe hundreds) off me over the years in many places.

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I unfortunately misread this as “Tricks”, I opened up expecting to see a sweet shredit!


Me too :rofl:


Lmao sorry to disappoint

Good tip! Also, contrary to popular belief, ticks here are active a lot of the winter now (thanks global warming!) so remember to check year round.


I’ve ridden through Shubie and Line 24 loads of times and have yet to find a single tick on me after a ride. My approach is usually just to keep the speed up, if I have to stop I stay on the trail, and I try not to look like a deer. Pretty effective so far.


It’s the not looking like a deer part that really seals it and keeps you safe.


Works for ticks and hunters!


In all fairness I think i prob picked them up when i went up to a gap jump thinking it was a drop and bailed around it through the bush lol.
Just dont be a wimp like me and you’ll be fine haha

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Killing coyote is helping the tick population
survive the winters. Coyote survive eating rodents that are the hosts for ticks over winter.
Some clown on his quad with two small children was in Spider lake taking pot shots at a coyote last weekend.