Tips to remove pedals

I have a pair of pedals that seem to be seized on my bike. I greased the threads before installing them, but have not removed them in quite some time. They only screw in with an Allan key. I tried extending the key with a piece of pipe, but was not successful. Any thoughts?

$10 says you’re not turning them the right way. Only the drive side screws in normally.

Haha…double checked that when I put backup flats on the new bike. Tried spraying some wd40 into both sides hoping that would loosen it up some.

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In this vid at the 2:00 mark there’s a good tip on using a block of wood to get more leverage on the wrench.

lots of penetrating fluid and a longer leverage bar…

some heat may also be in order a la propane torch to get that metal expanding and contracting, obviously won’t be an option if you have carbon cranks.


Was thinking if heating. Not carbon cranks, just don’t have a torch

Take the cranks off and try a vice. Ive had ti do that a few times

If you take the crank off try putting it in the freezer.


Definitely take the cranks off and try a vice. Or chek ur cabels.