Tire Choice: What works for you?

Any advice on a 2.3 to 2.5 inch tire or tire combo with ample grip but rolls fast? I’d like to get my Chromag rolling faster. Currently Hans Dampf front/High Roller 2 rear.

High Roller II front, Aggressor rear. Both 2.3 and dual compound, not 3C compound.

This is my second time running this setup and unless I decide to roll the dice when I need new tires, I’ll be doing the same setup when the current tires wear out.

Plenty of grip but doesn’t feel like it rolls slow, especially with the Aggressor in the rear.


Ah I made the mistake of going with the 3c high roller. Grabs crazy on roots but life span is basically nothing on the few sharp rocks in the park. It does roll as fast as my Nobby Nics did. How does the Highroller work up front? Seems like a super square tire.

The dual compound have a pretty good life span, even on the abrasive granite around Halifax.

The side knobs dig in well on dirt, and are fairly predictable.

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I’m liking the Specialized ground control lineup. Doesn’t excel at any particular terrain, but is very predictable and are durable here in the valley. I would suggest anteing up for the Grid sidewall as it’s a bit stiffer.

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I like the Minions. Have them on my fat bike, the 29+ wheelset, and the new 27.5+ bike. Some think they’re not fast enough, but I’ve never really noticed an issue and there’s traction galore.

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I picked up the Minion for my front and Aggressor for the back. Great combo!