Tire repair

Bottomed out a little hard on Mac Run this morning and the rim (undamaged) put a small slash on the sidewall just above the rim. Small enough that I thought the sealant might seal it up. It didn’t and I had to pop in a tube.
Anyone patch up a situation like this? It’s pretty close to the bead.

Yup, you can patch it internally. I use double automotive patches (small first, and then cover with a second larger patch). It will bulge at that spot though, and you may need a tube forever, but at least you won’t need to throw out the tire.


When I went tubeless I swore I would never use a tube again. I have a spare rear tire that will work, just thought it would be a shame to toss this with such a small slash.
So two patches. I’ll give that a go. Thanks.

That’s what I get for watching “Nothing’s For Free” while drinking coffee before a ride.


I guess it depends how large it is, but I’ve just used duct tape before and it worked fine

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Do you think it will stand up
To another monstrous, super aggressive two foot drop?

I haven’t personally tried it yet, however I’ve heard of good results with this method

starts at about 1:39, actual repair starts at about 4:38.
basically clean/rough it up, sew it up, glue and patch inside, glue outside. will hopefully hold sealant.
As for hitting more drops, you have to ask yourself: What Would Brage Vestavik Do?


I’m sure he’s trying to figure out how to fix frames.
Thanks for the video. I’ll check it out.

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I have had success with this, but not always. Really depends on size and where it is.

FYI-Park Tool make a really good patch kit, but recommend picking up gorilla glue instead of the stuff they provide.



Sidewalls are tough but I’ve had success using roof repair tar and patches.