Tire Studding/Mid Winter Party

The trails are snow and ice covered, the lakes are frozen and you want to ride your bike, but alas, you don’t have studded tires. And of course, the 2014 Iditabike is happening on February 8 as well!

Well, you can go buy some tires at your local bike shop. Or you can make your own.

I’ve been making my own studded tires for several years and I’m willing to open my house up to anyone interested in learning how to make their own tires. Or if you already have tires, or know how to make them, feel free to drop by and hang out for a bit. I’ll have some mountain bike movies from local rides and some production level movies on the go as well.

I ask you to contact me via email at mike@pedaltrout.com to let me know you’re interested in dropping by. I will send you my address and directions to get to my place.

You will be responsible for getting your own tires to stud, and purchasing the studs or screws as well. Check out your local bike shop specifically for tires, specifically Sportwheels as Pedaltrout members receive a 20% discount. Just mention that you are a member of the site and your good to go.

I have a couple of drills here, and will make sure there is room in the fridge for you beverages. I might be able to swing a few snacks as well, but feel free to bring your favourite snack to share.

I will post up some advice on tire selection and stud or screw selection soon as well.

When: January 25th
Time: 8:00pm
Where: Email me and I’ll send you the address/directions! mike@pedaltrout.com

We had a great couple of weeks a little while ago and it looks like we’re getting some appropriate weather soon again. Come on over and hang out or make some studded tires to eek out every last chance to ride especially when the trails are smooth, and flowy in the midst of winter.

email me for directions: mike@pedaltrout.com

Do any research into 29er knobbies for studding?

Not yet, heading to Sportwheels on Wednesday am.

Postponed until further notice.

Sorry to hear, keep me informed, even if it isn’t a studding party!