Tire suggestions?

My trail wheels have new Panaracer Fire XC Pro’s on them. Very cheap, awesome grip, pretty fast still, and they wear VERY WELL. Not many store stock them, though.

A venerable favourite for years and years.

Hey, I’m starting to contimplate, different tires. I’ve used Maxxis High Rollers for years. Love them, just wondering if there is something that might wear a bit slower on our lovely granite that we have in Halifax. What have people found to be a good mix of wear vs. traction?

I ride 26’s and would prefer 2.1 - 2.3 size range depending on the company. For example I find the Maxxis 2.3’s to be more like other company’s 2.1’s.

I like the Panaracer Cinders. Basic block tread, wears well in all conditions and available in 2.25 width. Solid tire. They run true so that a 2.25 will get you a 2.25. They are also available in 2.1.

I’m using Kenda Nevegals. I’ve been on the Stick-E versions for a couple of years. They’ve worn pretty well considering they’re a softer compound meant for grip. I currently still have a Stick-E 2.35 on the front and a Dual Tread Compound (DTC) on the rear. The DTC should wear longer.

I’ve tried Specialized tires over the years, but have often gotten sidewall cuts and tears. The sidewall has usually torn before the tread has worn out.

I switched to cinders from Navegal DTC. The Navegals were wearing too fast and cost 20 more. Grippy though. I found the cinders to be a nice compromise.

Recently, I tried a Bontager XR4 ($30 same as cinder) and first ride I immediately started noticing my rear tire sliding out when riding granite on an angle and spining out on roots where a navegal or cinder would not.

I used to love Cinders on my trail bikes…

So right now it sounds like Cinders may be worth a try. Where are people picking them up? LBS? which one? or online?

I got mine via LBS, specifically Sportwheels.

If you can fit them on the bike the Maxxis Advantages are so cheap who cares how fast they wear. Plus they are a high volume 2.35 so you can run stupid low volume without roots getting to the rims. They’re not as sticky as Tioga Factorys so they do wear better on the rock. That being said, they are pretty heavy.

I had Advantages on my Norco Six. Mostly rode Fight/Whopper/The Valley. I loved them. I didn’t find them too heavy, for a trail tire. They corner nice. Pretty nice ride too, with the high volume.

Lately, I’ve been riding Schwalbe tires. A friend at work got the Nobby Nic’s on his Reign X, and he rides almost exclusively at Fight trail. He loves them. I went with Rocket Ron’s on the race hoops for the XC bike, and they are fantastic, even as a trail tire! Very fast, grippy, smooth and light. My new bike will be coming with 29" Racing Ralph’s, and from what everybody is saying, they’ll be staying on.

For trail use, I’d say the Nobby Nic’s and the Hans Dampf should be awesome around here.