Tired Tires Endurance Event - June 18th

Test your endurance at Irishmans Rd. Rec Site during our Tired Tires Endurance Race! A 6 hour endurance race with a team of two or three, or for the ultimate challenge go solo!

See how many laps you can get in of the sweet approx. 6km course. Race starts at 10am.

Full details and registration TBA soon!


Hey gang, race is the Sunday! Reminder we have a pre-ride tomorrow (Tuesday) and you’re all welcome to attend and check out the fun!

Registration for your teams and solo riders can be found here: 2017 Tired Tires MTB Endurance Race | Zone4.ca

Here area few teaser shots of the course to get you in the mood :slight_smile:


The course is great @Pepperjester. Thanks for the pre-ride.


Just noticed a BNS race licence. I just sent an email to see if it would be effective upon purchase but I’m not sure if I’ll get a reply in time. Can anybody give a little insight?

If you were to apply for a full race license tonight it would not arrive in time (it usually takes a couple of weeks). One event memberships will be available on-site the day of the race for an extra $25 (which can be used towards paying for a full license). One event memberships can also be purchased online if you do online registration. Hope this helps!


Thank you!

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Just spoke with Ryan and the trail is ready to go tomorrow. The rain did not affect the trails much at all. Come on out and tire your tires.


Yep ^ ^ All good. A bit slick but nothing to fuss to much about. Should be drying out nicely by morning.

Lets do this!!


I’m throwing out a challenge. I will buy a beer to the ecmtber with the fastest lap time. Must be done at the event and it must be recorded by strava or the official timing.

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Would love to accept that challenge and earn a be for one of my MTB brothers, but not feeling so great this morning. Gonna have to pass on the event. :pensive:

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Way to go, Russ!

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