Just curious what people are running for tires and where they ride… I’m currently using Maxxis ADvantage on the FS (2.4 EXO in the front and 2.25 in the rear). Primarily riding Fight trail, Evil Birch, Bedford Range/Hog’s Back and the Powerline behind Whopper. The ADvantage tires are great but I would like to try something a little lighter weight if I could get away with it- any recommendations of something you’re using that you really like for the same kind of terrain I’m riding?

I’m running panaracer cinders 26x2.25 on one of my bikes. They work great as an overall tire, although not the lightest.

I’m using small block eights on my 29er which are good, but definitely experience more slippage on the wet stuff in the rear.

Continental mountain king 2.2 on both front and rear. pretty fast and havent failed me yet corning in downhill. Also have maxxis high roller 2.5’s. these are amazing tires for traction and ride,… but they are heavy and have a lot of rolling resistance

Run something less aggressive on the rear… Rolls better, but you have the control with a knobbier and maybe slightly bigger front tire.

Anyone have any experience with Continental’s X-King Racesport tires? The weight looks good in the Racesport version but I’m wondering about durability, especially with regard to the sidewalls… not that I’m particularly hard on tires but I’d rather not have to buy them too often.

I really like Panaracer Fire XC Pro’s, 2.1", the wire bead ones are pretty cheap and decent for weight, or get the folding bead for even lighter. I like the Panaracer Cinder 2.1 as well it’s pretty tough but heavier. I’ve been trying out a Kenda Excavator DTC 1.95" folding for a rear tire lately and i’m liking it, good traction, it is as wide as my Fire XC in that I’m using up front.

The Fire XC’s are awesome. Used to always be my go-to tires.

i had a set of small block 8s and exp the slipping, Ive moved to a kenda slant 6 and currently loving it! Ive heard nothing on the conti x king. they typically make a soft rubber… so i would expect great traction but not longevity.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf in the front, Nobby Nic in the back. 29er of course.

Don’t worry too much about a good granite tire… Anything will stick to it, but aggressive knobbies might squirm around a bit. However, you might want something more open/knobbie for the DH stuff at the Range, etc. I’d run something in dual tread compound… The centers will last longer, specially if you know how fast the rear one will wear on the rock. Maybe a High Roller on the rear, or a Nevegal. Something ramped/closely spaced in the center. Run whatever you currently ride/like on the front. I only kill front tires on the road or in catastrophic failure.

Side note: Used to run a Maxxis Maxx Daddy on the front and a leftover decent race tire in a much smaller size on the rear of my old BMX. It would accelerate like old stink, but I could botch the landings so bad, and still have the front tire keep me upright and pointed straight. Back end would follow it wherever. Did similar stuff on my rigid MTB’s… My old Cameleon had a Kenda Kinetic in 2.6" on the front, and a 2.25 Cinder on the rear. At 12 and 15 PSI. Gotta be light on your feet, though!