To the super cool person at the MAC Trail today

I’m fairly new and make a lot of amateur mistakes. Today brought my new bike to the MAC trail and found my headbolt was lose 2 minutes into my first ride of the year. Sure enough, a very generous person comes by and stops to help and lends me his hex tool. Saved my day and made me stop and appreciate the community. I hope I can pass this on soon. Thank you:slight_smile: I didn’t get you or your friend’s name but I hope you had a great ride!!


Most riders are willing to help. Glad you got sorted out and enjoyed your day. Definitely look into getting a kit for riding. Multi tool, tube, pump…I flatted out today @chisholm rolled up on me and ask if I was ok. It’s good to be equipped coz sometimes those walk outs can be long.
Halifax has a great MTB community.


Awesome they helped. Was it not tightened properly from the shop?

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I think generally people are just stoked to show you how much more prepared they are than you.


As a member of search and rescue, can confirm that statement. Haha.

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It was not