Too Old to Get Air? Learning to Jump a Mountain Bike at 54 Years Old -



There’s still hope! I love hitting the jumps on Chicken Cougar at Keppoch but I’d love to get better and more confident.




My buddy @Twindadplus1 learned to backflip a bike at 48.
Now this is not normal, however it inspiring.


@Twindadplus1 is an inspiration, although he’s mostly a motor guy these days, and I haven’t been able to convince him to get into mountain biking. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I’m 53, and bought my jump bike about 10 years ago, mostly to play at the skate park. I don’t go dirt jumping that often, so I haven’t really progressed much. I still suck at jumping, and only do tables, never doubles.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get my spouse catching air, but maybe a little tabletop like the one they built in the article would help.

One thing that is really helpful to learn on is a really wide jump, just in case you get a bit offline, so I might build a jump wider than they did. I find that a lot of the jumps in the jump parks tend to either be built narrower than I’d like, or get narrow through erosion and use. I’ve had a couple of crashes where the front wheel landed in soft dirt off the packed line.