Tour da gore - Natal Day, long weekend

Natal day long weekend just got so much better


Camping is encouraged!


Hey Folks,

I am sorry to say I am a little late getting this info out.
We are hosting the Tour de Gore again this year.
There will be camping all weekend from Friday night through Monday.
It’s $25 per person or $50 for the whole family.
We are using the money to make the Empire trails even more fun with ideas for some great infrastructure additions.
Friday night there will be a Phat Bike Friday at 6:30 and camping and fire.
What’s Phat Bike Friday? Just a ride to end the week on a high note on your Phattest bike.

Saturday morning 10am trail maintenance clinic for anyone interested in learning how to build a trail the right way.
There is a beginner to intermediate level group tour of the trails at 1pm.
Also a faster group tour at 3pm.
We are also trying something new this year with a Treasure hunt for kids 12 and under at 5pm.
There will be a Barbq starting around 5pm as well.
Starting at 8pm we will have the WTF MTB Olympics… Just some silly stuff to do with a beer in your hand. Or you could ask someone to hold your beer!!!
Bike toss, Track stand and Slowwwwww race to name a few.
Big Bonfire and tunes all night.

Sunday is the Poker run. 11am start time with 2 hours to complete your hand.
After that it is just chillin’ for the night for those who stay with of course another fire.
We already have a bunch of people signed up which is great.
C’mon out for the weekend or even a day or 2
See ya out there


Hey folks, A couple of things have fallen through this week so I have had to cancel the kids Treasure hunt.
Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.


What’s the weather like at Gore?

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This was a great festival!! Thanks to @tommyboy and @MikeB (is this you? Especially for the vegan soup!!) and everyone else who helped with prep and trail work. So great to see everyone!!

Lots of great pups…some were a little tired :zzz:

Some snazzy new jerseys…team blue…
Then the team blue photo bomber…

Some people hanging out…

And a little bonfire…

We rode some bicycles for a bit too!
Great times!


Trail “Work” at Empire Trails





I wish I had made it down for this. I had my second vaccine dose on Thursday and I spent Friday and Saturday in the hurt locker.

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