Tour D'Ingram October 3rd (Rescheduled)

Would you like to take in the sights and sounds of the Ingram River backcountry? Do you want to challenge yourself on a multi-hour epic ride? Do you want to learn more about the proposed Ingram River Wilderness Area? Then join me on October 3rd for the Tour D’Ingram.

The Tour D’Ingram is a 60km fire road loop of the Ingram River backcountry. The 700 meters of elevation gain will challenge your fitness, the views as we pass multiple lakes and old growth forest will have you forgetting all about your legs.

There’s no right bike for this route, so feel free to bring your mtb, gravel, or fat bike. We’ll be riding at group pace, with a regroup at the top of each climb, nobody will be left behind. The after ride sociable will be at Cavicchi’s Meats. There will be a coffee stop at the Train Station Bike & Bean before the ride.

Where: Ingram River Backcountry- [SMB Trail trailhead parking, behind the Home Hardware on Sonny’s Rd. Tantallon] (
When. 2021-10-03T12:00:00Z2021-10-03T16:00:00Z
Difficulty: Intermediate fitness, easy technical challenge.

Notes: This is a self-supported ride in the backcountry. Please carry appropriate spares, tools, food, and water.


Tour D’Ingram
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You could have led with caviccis meats to save all that typing and details.


Any possibility of a shorter option? Or ability to duck out early? Thanks

Sorry, I don’t see any viable way to shorten the loop. You’re always welcome to join and then double back to the start when you feel like turning around.

How long does this route normally take?

Roughly three hours.

Heads up, this ride has been rescheduled to October 3rd due to a conflict with another event that’s using the trail. 1000 people is enough of a crowd during a pandemic, there’s no sense adding to it.

Atv rally?

QE2 Ride for Cancer.

might dust off the 'cross bike for a ride today-debating checking this route out vs just staying on the rail trails. How is it after a rain??

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There might be some wash outs on the hills, but no standing water and less dust.

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I was up in the Ingram this morning. Conditions look good for Sunday, there’s a few washouts on the slopes and a few lose turns, but nothing extraordinary.


Looks like I can probably join you on this ride.

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We’ve rolled out. Currently at the Bean for coffee, leaving in about 10.

What a great day for riding bikes in the backcountry. Big thanks to @childs82 for coming out and making the experience that much better.


Perfect day for a solid gravel grind! Thanks for making it happen!